Sunday, May 12, 2013

Club Leadership Training Program

We really enjoyed to attend today District Assembly which is named as Club Leadership Training Program.  Most of the people were making it fun and entertainment today and from our club 8 members has attended this assembly - 2013.  I hope it helps us to make the rotary year 2013-14 will rock and it will make good thinks for incoming years.

Why Rotary?

I ask many question myself when I think about rotary.  Why Rotary?  It helps us to get more friends through this social community and I believe it may help us to improve our knowledge through free training and experience.  You can do social service to the society and find good projects, helping to students, helping to the poor people and many things can be done by rotary.

Polio is the biggest question to the world but now it may be eradicated from this year from the world.  So Polio eradication may not be done by any organization or government without rotary.

So Rotary gives many things to us without telling anything but we should feel everything through friendship, service and change lives through Engage Rotary.

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